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Why choose Merritt Livestock Trailers?

Superior Ventilation

A roof designed strong and flexible specifically for livestock

Stronger steel high PSI frame beam

Strongest deck in the industry

Front runners in side sheet puncture and strength

And this is just the beginning. From ease of cleaning to state of the art options that make handling a breeze, 
Merritt brings you the best value for your hard earned and hard working dollars.
gooseneck length 16 pic 1 - Merritt Trailer

16’ – 7’ or 8’ Wide Tandem

goose length 20 pic 2 - Merritt Trailer

20’ – 7’ or 8’ Wide Tandem

gooseneck length 24 pic 3 - Merritt Trailer

24’ – 7’ or 8’ Wide Tandem

gooseneck length 28 pic 4 - Merritt Trailer

28’ – 7’ or 8’ Wide Tandem

gooseneck length 32 pic 5 - Merritt Trailer

32’ – 7’ or 8’ Wide Tri-Axle


Stock combo trailers that are built with attention to detail and smooth inside walls.

lariat package pic 6 - Merritt Trailer

20’, 24’, 28’ – 7’ or 8’ Wide

Lariat Stock Combos come in various sizes!

Want to know your options?

Contact or visit Kevin at Integ Distributors today for standard and premium options available, all designed to make owning a Merritt Livestock Trailer the best decision you’ll ever make.